Brian Lee Featured in AdExchanger: How to Break Your Addiction to Linear TV

Check out an article that I wrote for AdExchanger discussing the changing TV landscape.

I’m a digital guy and I will be the first to admit that TV is very powerful and should be the foundation of the marketing plan for most major brands.

However, in an age where fragmented, cross-screen video consumption is the norm, it is hard to believe that there are major brands that still want to take a linear-only approach to TV.

Disney, Amazon, MVPDs and networks are investing billions into streaming video because the TV market is clearly changing, but us marketers don’t seem to be keeping up with the pace of change of our TV partners.

If the TV networks are taking the initiative to disrupt their own lucrative business model, why aren’t marketers?

In other words, many of us have remained resistant to change, even though we know that the landscape has permanently changed.

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